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We declare the glory of God and his marvelous works by strategically engaging in our Focus Areas. We are committed to praying, mobilizing, training, and sending our own people to impact the world. The teams for the Focus Areas are intentional in praying and caring for our workers and partners to face challenges with courage to make the name of Jesus Christ known to all people.

“Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the peoples!”

Psalm 96:3

Middle East

A top priority of the Beyond Global Ministry is to proclaim the gospel where Christ is not known (Rom. 15:20). We are heartbroken over the reality that a majority of 1.7 billion Muslims around the world do not have access to the gospel because they have not known any Christ followers living among them (Matt. 9:36).

Our main strategy is to mobilize our people to engage in the Middle East using creative platforms to establish a presence in the region. Creative platforms allow us to not only create doorways to build relationships organically, but mobilize professionals to use their gifts and talents to contribute to our efforts in the Middle East.


Islam is the most widespread religion in Southeast Asia, with over 280 million adherents. It is also reported that there are more than 220 unengaged, unreached people groups just within one of the countries in Southeast Asia. Our workers are strategically working with national Christian partners and going into the unengaged, unreached people groups to plant indigenous churches.

Our role is to mobilize long-term workers to help train the national believers to engage in the Disciple-Making Movement among the unreached people groups. We have also launched a human trafficking ministry through a local church to combat against modern day slavery.


In a highly populous region, it is alarming that many ethnic populations have 0% professing Christians and 0% evangelical Christians. Our strategy is to focus on the major cities where ethnic groups come for work and education.

We are currently on college campuses to reach out to university students with the gospel. We hope to reach the next generation of future leaders and have an impact in their communities and country. We also partner with indigenous believers from underground churches to carry out the work of the gospel.


We have a strong partnership with AOET through child sponsorships. We believe they will be the current of change to make a lasting impact on their country.

In East Africa, we work with AOET to develop innovative entrepreneurship ideas to establish future job opportunities. We are expanding the school to the North to provide an education opportunity for many more children.


We support Compassion International El Salvador and the local churches to make a spiritual impact in their communities, and to encourage young people to turn away from violence and illegal drugs.

The Latin America Team advocates child sponsorship through Compassion International to provide means for the children to obtain education, a solution to end the cycle of poverty and violence for the future generations.


When you take part in one of our Impact Trips, you take part in the Beyond Global Ministry in serving our workers and seeing how God is working among the nations.

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