Are you ready to make Grace Community Church your church home? We define members as those who are willing to enter into a covenant relationship with other church members and fully participate in the life of the church. We know it’s counter-cultural in our consumer-driven society to give of ourselves totally to the church, so we celebrate your decision.

What does Membership Look Like at Grace?

Membership requires attending our Connecting Workshops – The What and the Why – prior to membership. These workshops will help you get a better understanding of Grace. Once you’ve attended the workshops, you will be invited to the Membership Workshop where we will take a deep dive into each aspect of membership and walk you through the covenant process.

As a member at Grace, we expect you to be fully participating. Here’s what that means to us:

Relationally Connected

We believe that we are created for community, joining together to walk side-by-side in our faith journey. At Grace, connecting relationally happens in group settings—at church, in homes, through mentorships, and in disciple-making relationships.

Missionally Participating

Missionally participating means serving on a team – enjoying community together while sacrificially giving your time and talents. We believe that members should serve not simply because there are needs, but rather as a step in maturity on your faith journey.

Ready to take the next step in becoming a member at Grace?

Once you attend The What and The Why, we will extend an invitation to attend our next membership workshop. We we will take a deep dive into each aspect of membership and walk you through the covenant process, which includes meeting with an elder to pray about this decision before signing the covenant. You can take a look at our membership covenant.


Grace Community Church

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