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Baptism Stories

Cilicia’s Story

I grew up Catholic went to church every Sunday, was baptized as a baby, made my Holy Communion and Confirmation. I have constantly prayed and remained true to my faith, but always craved to feel more connected to Christ. I met Marie Maryon at work and I truly believe...

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Darian’s Story

Before I begin, I would just like to preface my faith story with this: I did not become a believer overnight. There was no miraculous event, no sudden enlightening, no great awakening. There was no single “aha moment" or specific thing that I can attribute to my...

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Emma’s Story

I grew up in a Christian home with a strong love and understanding of who Jesus is. I did not, however, come to think about my personal relationship with Him on a more serious level until middle school. It was then that I found a connection with Him and was able to...

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Elizabeth’s Story

Within the last 10 years have felt that my spiritual home has been in a Christian church. The past six years have been so heartbreaking after the death of our son, Phillip. I found it extremely difficult to heal from that loss. I kept telling myself that God needed an...

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Clay’s Story

I grew up in a devout Christian home. When I was 6 years old, I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart. Even though I trusted that Jesus Christ was the son of God, I believed God to be a tyrant. I also have a speech impediment that started when I was 6 years old....

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Adaeze’s Story

I grew up in a Christian home where my parents taught me the Bible and encouraged me to continually walk with Christ, and for many years this was what I tried to do. Everything nonetheless changed when I started college. College was one of the busiest times of my...

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