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Why I Serve // Shawna Gooding

By Shawna Gooding Shawna currently serves on the worship team as a vocalist. She’s been serving on the team for one year. The below is her story.  My parents always had music playing in the house from the time I was a baby, however, as a child I was extremely shy. My...

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Reflections: Groups Kick Off 2019

By Seth Rumsey, Pastor of Community Groups It was a beautiful sight this past Sunday to see hundreds of people looking for community met by hundreds of group leaders ready to receive them with open arms.  The apostle Paul instructs us in Romans 15:7 to "Welcome one...

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The 7 Year Itch

Let’s play a game of association. 7. What thoughts and images come to mind when you see the number seven? Make a mental list on your own for 5 seconds before continuing on. Seven days of the week. “Lucky” number sevens on a slot machine. Multiples of seven measure how...

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How God used a piece of paper to change my life

On September 5th of 2019, instead of heading into the new school year as I have been the past 8 years as a special education teacher, I’ll be on my way to the Middle East to support a family who is in desperate need of a homeschool teacher.  This family has been...

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This past July, we spent 31 days seeking the Lord through prayer and fasting, asking him to do a powerful work in the next generation of students.  We called on you – the body at Grace – to join in this time of prayer and fasting. As July has come and gone, it would...

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Pastor Mitchel’s Summer Reading List

Summer is officially here and that means it’s time to dust off those reading glasses, dig out your library card, and get lost in a book.   You hear him quote from books on stage all the time; our resident reader and lead pastor shares his book recommendations for the...

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