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Grace’s Care & Counseling ministry is committed to providing support and encouragement without shame or judgement, and providing practical and spiritual care in times of crisis. While we are a large church, we are committed to caring for each individual. Whether you are looking for counseling, support groups, or in need of a visit or a meal, our ministry is here to ensure no one is left on their own.

If you are facing an emergency situation, please dial 911. For questions or help, please email

Safe Harbor Christian Counseling

Grace has a partnership with Safe Harbor Christian Counseling to provide you with Christian-based, clinically sound counseling. Grace members are eligible for a reduced out of pocket rate. 

Counseling Referrals

Grace Counseling provides referrals to professional counselors to help you move forward with both the grace of God and practical support. To see a list of professional counselors, click below for more info.

Support Groups

Groups cover areas including emotional well-being & mental health, Loss, Trauma, Addiction and other additional topics.

The Mercy Team

Mercy Team members are adept at organizing care and walking alongside people during medical crisis, life crisis (such as death of a loved one), addiction, becoming homebound, loss of employment, and emotional or financial distress. Mercy Team members have experienced crisis themselves and are passionate about sharing God’s grace and hope. The care we provide can take the form of prayer, visits, meals, transportation, and other benevolence assistance.

Care assistance for small groups caring for someone with extensive needs

Care networks for individuals without a small group or other support network

Immediate assistance when existing support is not available

Crisis Support

Funeral/Memorial Services

Financial Assistance

Grace Community Church is a partner with the Howard County Community Action Council. Non-church members can contact these agencies directly:
Energy & Housing Assistant, General Inquiries:
Community Action Council of Howard County, MD, Inc.
Energy & Housing Assistance for Laurel residents:
Howard County Food Bank:
Emergency Housing:
Department of Social Services: 410-872-8700
Grassroots: 410-531-6677
Housing & Community Development: 410-313-6318
Bridges to Housing Stability: 410-884-5408
National Center for Healthy Housing: 410-992-0712
Employment/Training: 410-313-4600
Job Resource Center: 410-872-4000


Meet the Team

Dave Joseph Jr.

Dave Joseph Jr.

Care & Counseling Pastor

Viola Grossmann

Viola Grossmann

Coordinator, Care & Counseling


Grace Community Church

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Fulton, MD 20759

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