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Grace Marriages roots our hope for marriage in the Gospel of Jesus, a gift of grace that is undeserved, yet provides access to a love deeper than one can ever imagine. Marriage gives husbands and wives an opportunity to rehearse the Gospel story each and every day. Join us as we Prepare, Give Hope, and Enrich the relationships at Grace Community Church for marriages in all seasons.

Prepare // Premarital prep

Premarital Prep is one of the most significant investments you and your fiancé can make in your future marriage. Sessions combine coursework and walking alongside a mentor couple to prepare you for the journey ahead. Sessions are offered twice per year, one starting in January and the other in June.

Give hope // re|engage

Are you looking for an opportunity to bring hope back into your marriage in a safe Christ-centered community? Re-engage is for marriages in their early to even more seasoned stages to reconnect and get rejuvenated. 

Postponed until Fall 2021. 

re|engage is the entry point for marriage in need of hope of all different types, but other forms of Biblical counsel are also available by request. 


We enrich marriages by offering events, workshops, small groups, and fun activities where couples can develop habits that reflect God’s design for marriage. Check back for upcoming events. 

Officiant request

We are delighted that you would choose to invite one of our Grace pastors to witness and lead this sacred occasion. Click through for more information on requesting a Grace Pastor to officiate your wedding.

Requesting an Officiant

What you need to know about requesting a Grace officiant for your wedding

Congratulations on taking the important step of engagement for marriage. While we make every effort to match you up with the officiant you have requested, please know that schedules can be challenging. In order to serve you best, please consider the following guidelines.

1. Put in your officiant request early. Requests less than 4 months before your wedding date are difficult to fulfill.

2. Premarital mentoring is also required. Premarital Prep is offered twice a year through Grace Community Church. If you need to make arrangements elsewhere, please explain it in the registration form.

3. As soon as your officiant confirms availability, you and your fiancé will need to meet with him. This meeting usually consists of getting to know you, hearing your stories, and determining whether he can faithfully perform your wedding ceremony.

4. After this meeting, there will usually be one more meeting closer to your ceremony date (usually 1-2 months out) to plan the ceremony and go over ceremony details.

You’ll find that all of our pastors are gracious and kind, and they are looking forward to helping you walk in wisdom as you prepare for the big day. As God is for you, so are we. Please let us know if there are any questions.



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