If you know someone that could benefit from Joyous Giving, please fill out the below referral form. Please note of the deadlines below! 

  • For referrals for Thanksgiving, please submit by November 1. 
  • For referrals for Christmas, please submit by November 22.

To be good stewards of the funds entrusted to us, we ask that you follow these nomination referral guidelines

  1. The recipient should have a significant financial need
  2. You have a personal connection/relationship with the recipient
  3. Contact information must be provided
  4. All Joyous Giving recipients must live in the state of Maryland
  5. Referrals are for individuals and families, not for organizations
  6. Grace attenders may refer no more than TWO families/individuals per holiday
  7. You may not refer yourself
  8. You may use the same form for both Thanksgiving and Christmas
  9. Depending on the need, we encourage you to prayerfully consider additional ways to meet the need personally or in conjunction with your community group or serving teams.


Ways to Give

If you have specific funds you would like to give to Joyous Giving, we welcome your gift. You can give specifically to Joyous Giving through: 

  • Online: Please select the Joyous Giving Fund 
  • Check: please write “Joyous Giving” in the memo line 
  • Cash: Please put cash in a Joyous Giving envelope (these can be picked up at Connecting Place) 
  • Gift Cards: We will accept gift cards from Target, Walmart, Giant and Weis.  If you would like a record of the gift cards, please fill out and place in envelope. Otherwise, you can place in the Joyous Giving boxes at Connecting Place. 


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