Sep 1, 2020

Mabry Orndorff’s Story

I have been raised to know God and make Him known, and to know that Jesus is perfect and trustworthy. I have always wanted to be a part of God’s reward in heaven. I knew that to do that, I needed to confess that Jesus is Lord. I believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead. So, I decided I wanted to get baptized.

My parents have been a rock in the storm for me (aside from the true Rock). Lately I have been experiencing much unrest inside, to the point where I had a complete emotional breakdown at the beach. I still don’t know why or what that was, but I trust in God’s plan for me. He’s also humbling me and helping me to trust that I won’t get it right, but He will. He’s in control of my life because He is perfect, and I trust Him completely with it.

I wanted to be baptized into God’s family to ensure that I am going to be with Him, so I guess I just thought now is as good a time as any! But yeah, I want to go to heaven, and in the meantime do great things for Him. I was glad for this opportunity to get baptized and show that I am a part of God’s family.

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