Apr 29, 2020

Your heart… how is it feeling today?

Written by Kathy Petersen, Senior Director of Adult Ministry

Your heart – how is it feeling today? Growing weary? Frustration building? Grace giving? Bursting with joy? Or breaking? I want to remind you that no matter where your heart is at this exact moment, God is there. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that God still sits on the throne and our hope is absolutely secure in him no matter what you are facing today or will face tomorrow.

Our God and Father of all, is over all, and through all and in all. (Eph 4:6) He is in this time we find ourselves with COVID-19. This includes our time in front of the computer screen as an employee, a parent guiding a child through on-line learning, or connecting with friends in your community group or with family across the country. In our time of physical distancing and mask wearing. God is over our jobs, current financial situation, health challenges, marriages, feelings of loneliness, times of mourning and celebrations. Over anything and everything. The large, the small, the good, the bad and the ugly. He sees it all and knows it all. He catches our tears and rejoices in our joys.

Be assured that no matter what your heart condition is at this moment, God loves you. He offers us the hope we need to wait patiently (yes, it is possible). He gives us the strength and stamina to run the race before us (yes, even in this marathon circumstance). He gives us the grace we need to love others (yes, even the ones who are not always loveable). There is no condition of your heart this day that God does not already know. He sits on his throne and beckons you to come to him, to sit at his feet and place your exposed heart in his hands. And as you sit with him, he will remind you that you are his beloved and your future is secure as you place your hope and trust in him.

I encourage you to make the time to sit at the foot of the throne with your Abba and place your heart, whatever condition it is in at this moment, in his open and loving hands. Trust him to hold you for the time you need to allow his words of truth to bring wholeness and health to your heart and soul. My prayer is that you will leave this time with God and step back into the day walking in the power and truth that he is over all, in all and through all – today and all your days – during this pandemic and after it in our new found normal. 

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