Sep 3, 2020

Xiara Torres-Ferrick’s Story

My name is Xiara Torres-Ferrick. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. At birth I weighed only two pounds and had different medical conditions that continued into my childhood, adolescence, and still continue as an adult. My mom and grandma always put God in first place and prayed for my health. They explained to me that God permits all this to happen in order to show His glory and mercy and He helps me overcome all situations because He has a plan for my life. 

I grew up studying in Catholic and Baptist schools and visited different churches with my mother and stepfather. I participated in the church and school pantomime group, carrying the message of God’s love. When I started studying at the university in 2001 and began working, I stopped going to church and stopped putting God first in my life. I had in my heart the concern to congregate again, and, although I sporadically visited some churches and talked with God daily, it was not until 2016, after many difficult situations, that I decided I had to turn my life around. 

 In February 2016, a Puerto Rican friend invited me to GCC, and it has been one of the best decisions of my life to reconcile and accept God back into my life. Without Him my life had no meaning and was completely empty. I have to acknowledge that many people, directly and indirectly, have contributed to this journey, such as my parents, grandmother, some friends, pastors, some teachers, my husband (Brian), and his family, but mainly God. He has used His angels on earth to give me signs and to stir my heart. My life has changed for good. I am more than blessed. I have more than I deserve and need.  

I wanted to get baptized a long time ago, but I was afraid. I was worried about not being perfect for God since as a human being the defects win. I now leave the concern about being “good enough” out of my life and I understood that, as Moses did, I can feel grief, courage, frustration, make mistakes and fail, and God will respond generously because He loves us, regardless of what we do or do not. The love of God is faithful. And in Him, coincidences do not exist – everything is planned.

As one of my favorite songs by Mr. Marcos Yaroides says:

Mi trabajo es creer y caminar bajo la fe y el de Dios es

hacerlo el tiene poder

Porque el no improvisa el siempre tiene un plan y aunque

los tiempos no se presten con todo y eso el lo hará.
Mi trabajo es creer y abrazarme a la fe el trabajo de Dios

es hacerlo el sabrá disponer los tiempos.

Mi trabajo es mantener la calma en lo duro de la

circunstancia el trabajo de Dios es abrir las puertas

y romper las murallas.

 My job is to believe and walk by faith that God is doing it. He has power. Because He doesn’t improvise, He always has a plan. Although we don’t know the timing, He will do it. My job is to believe and embrace the faith that it’s God’s work to do it. He will know how to arrange the times. My job is to remain calm in tough circumstances. It’s God’s job to open the doors and break the walls.


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