My name is Wes Rowh. I am married to my incredible wife of 11 years, Bre. We have two energetic children Finley (5) and Foster (2). I am truly blessed to have an amazing family that is loving and supporting, and to be involved in the Grace community.

I grew up and regularly attended a church with my entire family until I moved to Columbia with my wife. I have great memories with the youth group, and socially I had a lot of fun with my friends and family members in this congregation. My parents stressed the importance of going to church, but I’m not sure the teachings were having a profound impact on my life.

In high school and my early adulthood, I lived selfishly and didn’t consider how my actions impacted others. Most of my thoughts and actions were inward, and it wasn’t until I fell in love my wife, that I started looking outwards. God wants us to live in relationships, and it was this relationship that helped me recognize that it’s
not all about me. I always knew about God, but when my perspective changed, I understood and believed that I could love and trust Him.

A friend who attended the church I grew up in recommend that I start reading the Word daily. He understood I didn’t have much time to spare with my busy work schedule and commute, but he said to start small and even 5-10 minutes would create a habit. He was right, and 5-10 minutes turned into a half hour and then an hour. The more I spent time with the Lord in his Word, the more our relationship grew. His Word was alive, and it was in studying and meditating the Bible that God went from someone I knew to someone I loved.

There have been so many spiritual influences in my journey. My mom and dad started my bend to the Lord, and they showed me a tremendous example of how a relationship with God can shape my life. My wife has been a true blessing, and I feel that we have both walked with each other to find and trust God. Pastor Brian and Jeremiah from a church in Frederick have shown me how to be a Christian man and father. My small group of James, Bret and Scott have been wonderful friends and they’ve always been there with all that life has thrown at us.

I recognize that I’m truly dependent on God for everything. My emotions use to swing based on my circumstances, but I’m at peace in God and I know that He is in complete control. Even when things don’t go as I would like, I understand God has a plan for my life and He is using me in every situation. I still stumble, but I’m grateful for God’s love, grace and mercy. I no longer live for myself, but I live to be to be a faithful and humble servant to our Father. To God be the glory!

— Wes Rowh, Baptized April 2018
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