I did not grow up in a spiritual home. I knew of God through aunts and uncles that went to church, but I did not understand how God tied into the life one lived.

Fast forward two dozen years, I was in the throes of my early career surrounded by family, friends, coworkers, and hobbies. However, during this time in my life, I began to become more aware of the shroud of anxiety that blanketed many of my interactions and my deep longing for acceptance.

It was through my interactions with various coworkers that my perspective of who God was and his role in their life began to change. After a few months, I was led to start reading the Bible. It was in the pages of the Bible that I encountered God and what I meant to him. He accepted me before I could do anything to earn it, and that I could not earn it. Furthermore, I learned that I had a role to play in his story for others. It was ultimately through the pages of the Bible that I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and through his death, burial, and resurrection I have new life.

Many have helped me along in my journey to and with Christ. I am thankful for all conversations with friends in college, the observations of and conversations with coworkers, and the serving teams and missions’ trips I had to opportunity to take part. Having found acceptance in Jesus, my dependence of needing acceptance of others has been filled by a truer and never fading acceptance by Jesus. The shroud of anxiety has been largely replaced with a new joy and excitement.

— Wayne Miller, Baptized March 2018
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