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Grace Kids – Week of May 18

Your Grace Kids resources for the week of May 18Continue to memorize and talk about Psalm 23. Work on adding the last part of verse 4: “Even though...

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Identity & White Space

Identity & White Space

By Kathy Petersen, Senior Director of Adult Ministry Last week I hit a wall. I got to the end of the week and my to do list for work was just as...

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Reflections on: Loss

Reflections on: Loss

Written by Juli Lubelczyk  As Mitchel shared on Sunday, we all are experiencing loss right now. Whether it’s loss of normal or loss of loved ones,...

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Baptism Stories

Luke’s Story

I grew up in a Christian family, attended church every Sunday, did Bible study, and went to a Classical Christian School. I was blessed with a Christian environment everywhere I went. I always just blindly accepted the basics of Christianity and never encountered any...

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Kendall’s Story

I grew up in Maryland, and my family went to church every weekend. I was a part of the youth group, I played on the worship team, and I was even baptized. Although I was involved in these church activities, I knew that there was something missing in my life. Anxiety...

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Steve’s Story

I was 18 when my father suddenly died at age 54. I felt that I had struggled during the remaining years of college from the loss of my father. I recall thinking about my own life and what happens after death. I didn’t have a good answer for myself and my current faith...

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Zoe’s Story

I grew up going to church every Sunday (attendance was very important to my family). I was dedicated at three months old and went to a Christian elementary school for six years. I have been going to Grace Adventures Day Camp over the summer, and three years ago we...

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