I spent my childhood and youth in religious schools. It seemed like I never lacked anything.

But then, after being married for 7 years, one day I saw myself alone and caring for a child of only 2 years. I walked a lot looking for a place where to take refuge. I knew that by taking refuge in my Creator I could find the peace I was looking for, so I went church to church, praying and asking God to give me strength.

One day I came to the doors of Grace Community Church, alone and with my child in hand, with the hope of finding a new world and an answer to my anguish. Since then, not only did I get an answer to my anguish, but I also found the true love that Jesus Christ had for us and the friendship and spiritual guidance of many people, pastors, and group leaders at Grace.

We really received the love that my son and I needed, and since then we’ve been more complete. Our daily life is different. I now understand that knowing that Jesus, my Lord and my God, is alive means that I no longer have to fear. My faith in Jesus Christ has increased, and I realize that without him I walked in darkness. God has transformed both me and my son, and I see that in all I do.

— Vitaliano Duran, Baptized September 2018
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