I was 18 when my father suddenly died at age 54. I felt that I had struggled during the remaining years of college from the loss of my father. I recall thinking about my own life and what happens after death. I didn’t have a good answer for myself and my current faith didn’t provide any assurance of hope for my life either.

One of my college professors was a believer, and, as a freshman, many times he had invited me to dinner then to his church and other Christian events. He would share books that presented personal stories of how others had come to experience and follow Christ. We would regularly meet, and for the first time I had an opportunity to read the Bible and have someone explain its meaning for my life. I finally learned who Jesus was, why He died, was raised from the dead, and that eternal life is not earned by my works, as I believed, but is based on faith in Jesus alone.

I found myself drinking to excess more often, which was more serious during my senior year when I had a car because often I found myself driving when I shouldn’t have been driving. Looking back during that year I knew for certain that the Lord had protected me. I recall during the spring of my senior year I had experienced losing the desire to drink. Then some weeks later I was working late one evening in a science lab and my advisor sought me out. He prayed with me, and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior for the forgiveness of my sins and for the gift of eternal life.

Having watched baptisms at Grace for many years now, and not having been baptized as a believer, but describing myself as a believer, I knew it was time that I publicly declare my faith in Jesus Christ.

— Steve Dyer, Baptized November 2019

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