Oct 24, 2019

Speaker Series: Sex, Screens & Teens with Eliza Huie

By Marie C. Celano, LCPC, Director of Grace Counseling Ministries

How do we have conversations with our children about sex, from the ages of 2 to 20? How do we, as parents, navigate well in our screen-saturated world and not constantly be at war with our kids about screen time? There’s a lot of stress around these two subjects for many parents in today’s world. 

As a parent myself, I feel your pain! That’s why we invited Eliza Huie, counselor and Executive Director of Life Counseling, to speak at Grace in September. Eliza led an informative discussion teaching parents how to talk to their teens about sex and screens. 

Huie emphasized the importance of having age-appropriate conversations early and often. For instance, you would start by using correct terms for body parts when speaking with a toddler, and teaching safety by explaining the difference between good and bad touch. She stressed the importance of parents telling their children about sex first—not waiting for them to learn about it first from the internet or their peers. 

On the topic of screen usage, she shared the importance of setting limits upfront, such as having a screen “curfew” and “screen-free zones.” She addressed the challenge of privacy, and suggested parents enlist their children to help pay for their phones. 

When you’re having these important conversations with your children, keep the dialogue brief, ongoing, and comfortable.

You can find more about Eliza and her research and books on her website: Eliza Huie

Watch a recording of the Speaker Series: Sex, Screens & Teens below. 

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