Oct 2, 2019

Why I Serve // Shawna Gooding


By Shawna Gooding

Shawna currently serves on the worship team as a vocalist. She’s been serving on the team for one year. The below is her story. 

My parents always had music playing in the house from the time I was a baby, however, as a child I was extremely shy. My dad was a lead singer in a small band, and he grew up singing in church, so he sang all of the time. That’s where I had my earliest exposure to the love of music. When my mother began going to church, I remember as a child eagerly anticipating the praise and worship part of the service, and would totally come out of my shell. From there, I would sing at home and that’s where I developed a deep love for praise and worship and felt the most connected with God in those moments. When singing, I could be open, free, and authentic in His presence. From a very early age, music has given me my freedom: to overcome tough situations, to rejoice in times of joy, and give thanks to God.

The role music and worship have played in my relationship with God is that I’ve learned to set myself aside (well, I continue to learn this) my insecurities, my self-centeredness, my ego. Music always directs my thoughts toward God, rather than toward myself.

My favorite part about the worship team is how warm, welcoming, and supportive the team and leadership are. They genuinely want you to excel in your craft as a musician and/or vocalist, beyond just being a volunteer. 

What’s so unique about the worship team at Grace is how they’ve committed to building the younger adults/children into the weekly line up. It really fosters confidence and discipline in them, and they’re so excited to serve. You can’t help but share in their enthusiasm and cheer them on when they’re singing their hearts out or skillfully playing their instrument.

If you are interested in joining the worship team, attend the Worship Auditions Info Session on October 6, 2019 at 10:15A or 12:15P. Go to grace.community/auditions2019 or email worshiparts@gcconline.org

We strive to live a life with purpose, becoming more like Christ for the benefit of others. In doing this, we serve. And Christ is our model. Grace is uniquely gifted and have many who serve in a variety of ways. This series highlights the stories of those who faithfully serve and in turn, have been blessed by our heavenly Father. If you have a story to share, email news@gcconline.org

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