This past weekend was filled with pure joy as we saw 10 believers publicly declare that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior. The celebration of their baptisms was ultimately a celebration of God’s mission of transforming lives as He draws men and women to Himself.

We take this opportunity to share a reflection from Kathy Petersen.  Kathy was baptized during the Saturday evening worship gathering, and then she had the opportunity to baptize her daughter Amanda.


On stage before my baptism Tim asked me, “why now?” That was a question I asked myself multiple times as we approached the day. I was baptized as an infant, and after accepting Christ as a young teen I was confirmed in the church. Clearly I had ample opportunities to be baptized since accepting Christ, yet I never did so. I could share a variety of reasons as to why I took that path, but they are no longer important. What is important and what made my baptism day so special for me was that I got to share it with my daughter Amanda.

Yes, I publicly declared my profession of faith and was baptized. That in itself made the day special. But being able to baptize my daughter was an amazing gift God gave me. Almost 20 years ago I was given the gift of being part of the physical creation of Amanda. And then Saturday I was given the gift of baptizing her as a new creation in Christ. The August day that Amanda was born was certainly a day of great joy for my husband, Rodney, and me as we welcomed her into this world. Being able to baptize her as she publicly professed her faith was an even greater joy for me.

So to answer Tim’s question of “why now” – I have a better understanding that maybe sharing my baptism day with my daughter was part of God’s plan for us – for me. It didn’t happen because of my willful choice to not be obedient to get baptized all these years but perhaps because of a greater glory. A special gift that God offered me – and isn’t that just what God’s grace is?! I did nothing to earn the right to baptize my daughter, in fact, as a mother I have messed more things up than what I have done right. But God, in his infinite love, offered me the gift of grace to share in Amanda’s public declaration of being born anew in Christ. As mother and daughter we celebrated our baptisms together – the prayers of the faithful that started generations ago in both my family and Rodney’s were answered, and God was glorified. The legacy of faith continues through the generations of our family.

Did hearing the stories from this past weekend encourage you to actively participate in God’s mission of winning souls to Christ? Or would you like to share your story?

The next Mission Weekend is April 29 & 30, 2017.  To learn more and/or sign up to be baptized, click here.

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