I would always be seen playing a sport, taking on a challenge, or just talking to someone. I was always a competitive person before, and still after, accepting Christ. I always thought “I can do that better than you” and stuff like that. The best part is when others would accept the challenge, and usually I would win and that felt good, but there were rare occasions where they would win, and they were not that fond. But whatever happened, my friends and I would usually leave the trash talk on the court and say good game.

I have known about Christ for about my whole life. But I only knew who he was for a very long time. I would always be like “Wow, is that real?” Then, one time when I was sleeping, I saw a wondrous place and I saw God and he was shining really brightly. When I woke up I immediately told my mom. And from that day on I always thought I have to get baptized, and well I guess now I do.

My family and friends are the people who have helped me through my spiritual journey to Christ. My mom and dad always try to get our family to church every Sunday on time. My friends are always supportive of me and will always be there to help me make the right choice over the wrong choice.

I feel that Christ is adding another piece of the puzzle to my life, that piece is me getting baptized. He is giving me an opportunity to have a second chance. I think deciding to follow Christ will make an enormous change in my life – from this point on when I go and do something I will be doing it as a follower of God. If I accomplish a goal it’s not just me who accomplished that goal, it’s really God and me together.

I am deciding to get baptized to show my inward and outward love to Christ.

— Sam Vissers, Baptized July 2018
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