I was originally christened when I was about four months old and went through confirmation class when I was around 14. I went to church every Sunday with my mom and I participated in many roles in my church such as alter boy, praise band, and bell choir.

I didn’t regularly attend church after I graduated from high school and during my college years I began to put my self-worth and faith in things like my job, my intellect, and my education. I was always worried about where I would live, what my next job would be, and if should I pursue another degree to be more successful.

When my wife and I started to talk seriously about getting married we decided that we wanted to both reconnect with Jesus through a faith community. We started attending a small Grace church plant, Fusion, in Ellicott City. This where where my experience with Christ went from something that was traditional and impersonal to something that was authentic and deep.

I began to experience Jesus as a personal Savior instead of an historical or literary figure. My decision to follow Christ was influenced by the authenticity and love that I saw playing out in this church. Our Fusion family helped me and wife grow quickly and deeply in our faith We became part of a community that loved and worshiped Jesus. My wife and I were eventually married while still attending that church and were helped significantly by that community during our spiritual journey.

While at Fusion I made a decision to follow Christ again. He’s been making an amazing difference in my life ever since. He’s helped me acknowledge the other gods that I have in my life, worldly places where I was searching for my self-worth. He’s helped me see everyone as an image bearer of God. He’s worked on my biases and prejudices and helped me acknowledgement my judgmental tendencies. He’s freed me from the pain and stress that comes with trying to value myself based on my works and my impact. He’s taken on my worries and my sin and freed me to work for him and incarnate him.

I’ve decided to be baptized because I was originally christened when I was about four months old. I wanted to make the decision myself to take part in this act of obedience and make a public declaration of my faith.

— Ryan Williams, Baptized April 2019

If you’re interested in being baptized at Grace, click here to learn more and to sign up to attend our next Baptism Workshop.

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