Our Commitment to

Racial Justice & Unity

At Grace, it goes without saying that we are followers of Jesus Christ. Loving God and loving our neighbor is core to who we are as a church and with that, comes a commitment to righteousness and justice. We aim to live out our calling as a body of believers, a family knitted together by our faith and trust in Jesus and our commitment to the Gospel.

Part of the Gospel story is that the world is broken because of sin. That includes our relationships and society as a whole. Racism and discrimination based on physical characteristics such as skin color is a sin that has permeated the very fabric of this country. It is often silent and subtle, and even when it’s overt, it is often overlooked and ignored.

Sin thrives in darkness and in isolation. So, we take this moment to shed light on this sin by publicly stating that racism and discrimination have no place in God’s family, specifically at Grace Community Church.

To our brothers and sisters of color, Grace Community Church stands with you. While we may not fully know the pain and hurt, we see you. We are standing together with you because we are one family, and when one member suffers, we all do. George Floyd’s life mattered, as did Ahmaud Arbery’s, Breonna Taylor’s, and so many countless others. YOU matter.

The leadership at Grace is committed to not only teaching on this, but also living it out and equipping our body to do so as well.

As we strive to become the church family God has called us to be, we are committed to fighting for our unity in the following ways:

  • Engaging in Family Conversations around the biblical, historical, and interpersonal implications for race in order to learn and grow together.
  • Drawing closer to one another by learning about different perspectives and experiences as it pertains to race. We will do this by continuing and expanding our Be the Bridge groups.
  • Hosting listening sessions to hear from our Grace family about where racial tensions may exist. We will do this in order to better understand the pain, repent where necessary, and to reconcile.
  • Training staff and leaders to understand race issues in order to be more humble and gracious in caring for our diverse body. 
  • Taking steps to ensure that our leadership, at every level, represents the beautiful diversity of our Grace family and God’s vision for the church.

We have a long way to go together, but God is not done with us. We believe that as He continues to do his reconciling work in and among us, we will be an instrument for righteousness and justice for this hurting world.


Be the Bridge

The journey toward racial unity is not an easy process. Be the Bridge groups are multiethnic groups, comprised of approximately 8 people. The group joins together regularly for a meal and conversation for about 8-10 months. The content of the group discussion is designed to facilitate conversations that have the potential to heal racial divides. 

White Identity Workshops

Developing a healthy white identity does not mean drowning in white guilt or reveling in white pride. It can be tempting to walk away from conversations about racism and live in denial. But if we can push through, we can also gain a vision for how to live out our identity as white people in order to bring about a more just society and be ministers of reconciliation of the gospel message with people around us. 

This is a three session (2 hours each) workshop series. The workshop involves content for learning, discussions for reflection, and resources for further study

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