Aug 15, 2019



This past July, we spent 31 days seeking the Lord through prayer and fasting, asking him to do a powerful work in the next generation of students. 

We called on you – the body at Grace – to join in this time of prayer and fasting. As July has come and gone, it would be easy for us to get lost in the busyness of wrapping up our summers and getting ready for back-to-school season. But, I didn’t want us to come together for a time of intense and focused prayer, and then just move on to the next thing without taking some time to reflect. 

So what did God do in answer to our prayers? 

I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to answer that in full. Who knows the lives and family trees that have been forever altered as a result of our intercession? The friends of our students who have no idea that they are going to meet Jesus this year, as a result of our having prayed for students’ boldness and passion for Jesus? There’s probably a thousand things that God has done and will do that would freak us out if we learned about it all right now.

This is what I do know: 

1. We prayed that God would raise up an incredible team of shepherds and leaders to help disciple the next generation alongside parents. On July 1, we started with 6 out of 24 needed leaders, and as of July 31 those numbers were filled. Middle school only needs a few more. We will, however, always have roles that parents can play at any point during the year.

2. We prayed for a High School ministry director. On July 1, we had no viable candidates. Without any marketing or digital promotion, God provided us with 4+ strong candidates with whom we are in conversation. Please continue to pray for clarity and discernment as we interview and converse with them.

Psalm 20:7 was our guiding verse, and it continues to humble me that when we trust in God, he does not fail. Over and over, he has come through. Yet, over and over I seem to think I can do things on my own resources or ingenuity. How often I forget his past faithfulness!

So as we look back on these past 31 days of July, let’s remember that we can continue to trust in the name of the Lord our God. Whatever you might be facing today, commit it to a season of prayer, and invite other believers in to fast and pray with you. Seek him and he will be found.

I’m so grateful to have experienced this past month with you. Let’s pray for more faith-filled dependence, and more concerted efforts to seek God together for that which only he can do.

To God be the glory!

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