Sep 1, 2020

Rebekah Smyth’s Story

I grew up in a Christian home, both my mom and dad were Christians. I became a Christian when I was 3 years old. I prayed with my mom one night during our nightly prayer time together to accept Jesus into my heart. I understood that I was a sinner in need of a Savior; I trusted in Christ alone for my salvation; and I committed my life to the Lord.

I have been walking with the Lord ever since. I went to Christian school and was blessed by many Christian teachers and friends who helped solidify my faith at an early age. School, Sunday morning church, Sunday school classes, Wednesday night youth group, and Sunday night small group Bible study were all a big part of my life growing up and helped me learn about God, who He is, how He interacts with His people, and who I am in light of what He has done for me.

I loved going to church and still do. My church has always been my home and is the place where I have met most of my friends. In college, I continued to deepen my relationship with Jesus by being a part of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on my college campus. I loved my college ministry and I was an active member leading Bible studies and discipleship groups while also attending a Bible study myself and being a part of a discipleship group and a mentorship group. Being a part of my campus ministry leadership team helped me to make my faith my own, and I especially loved being a part of the prayer team spending long hours at night praying together as a group. My friends taught me a lot about prayer and my prayer life has been forever changed and strengthened since then.

Now, in the most recent 10 years post-college, I have continued to be involved in church and have been a member of several churches depending on where I was living at the time. I have moved from SC, to VA, to NC, and now most recently two years ago to MD where I was introduced to Grace by my aunt and uncle. Grace has been my church home for the past two years, and I have loved being a part of this church. It means the world to me. I enjoy being a part of the young adult community and leading my young adult women’s small group at my house.

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