I don’t remember what it was like to not have my trust in Christ because I accepted him into my life when I was very young. I have been through many ups and downs where I have doubted God. I was insecure, broken and did not know what I should do.

In 8th grade, I went on a missions trip to San Francisco and I realized how much hurt and brokenness there was in the world. Christ went from someone I know, to someone I love when I went on this trip. I realized that the bubble of Howard County I had been living in was nothing compared to the rest of the world. When we were there, we prayed for many people. We would meet and connect with homeless people and also volunteers of non-profit organizations. On this trip, I realized that even in places that were far beyond my fixing, God is there. I learned that through prayer, God is always there when you need him; just ask. He has brought me through many hard times to show me how much I need him.

My mom is someone that has helped me through my spiritual journey. She has been there in all of my struggles and my darkest places. She encourages me everyday to keep my trust in Jesus and look to him for guidance, above anyone. My dad is also a big influence in my life. He loves Jesus and shows it by working in church and Young Life Club, and I look up to him a lot. He is always there with my mom, showing me that the foundation of my life should be God’s Word.

Christ is now the center of my life. I wake up everyday knowing that God is by my side and I will always have my trust in him. He is giving me many people that I can look up to and people that I can mentor as well. My decision to follow Christ has changed how I see the world, and I now know God wants be to be a light in such a dark place.

— Rachel Gladstone, Baptized April 2018
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