• If your child likes to color and do activity sheets, print off the Bible story coloring pages and activity sheet.
      • Have your child find 1 Kings 6-8. Like the books of 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings originally were one book.

OPTION: Glue craft/popsicle sticks to the Temple Coloring Page  

    During the gathering – worship & Learn Together




    • Why did Solomon want to build a temple for God? King David had wanted to build a temple to honor God. God had told King David that his son Solomon would build a temple. Solomon wanted to build the temple to honor God. (Option: read 1 Kings 5:2-5.)
    • What did the temple replace? (the tabernacle) 
      • The temple Solomon built was where people went to meet with God. Why don’t people have to go to a temple now to meet with God? Remind your child that because God is holy, sinful people could not approach His presence in the temple. The priest could approach God’s presence and obtain forgiveness for people’s sin. When Jesus died on the cross, He paid for our sin once and for all. When we trust in Him, we have forgiveness and can approach God on our own through prayer, Bible reading, and worship. (Option: read Heb. 4:16.)
        • How do you feel about communicating with God? Invite your child to share their thoughts and experiences. Emphasize that we can approach God as a loving Father. He loves His children. We can speak to God through prayer about anything. (Option: James 5:13.) 

        Christ Connection: 

         Because God is holy, only the priests could approach God—and only if they followed specific instructions. Ordinary people had no direct access to the holy presence of God. Jesus changed all that. By His death on the cross, Jesus took away our sin. We can approach God intimately and individually when we trust Jesus as Lord and Savior. We can talk to God anytime, anywhere. The Bible also tells us that the Holy Spirit will live inside us when we trust Jesus. So, in a sense, our bodies become temples of God. God is with Christians anywhere they go because the Holy Spirit is in Christians everywhere they go!


        Build the Temple

        Supplies: printed template & instructions on white paper or cardstock, 2 cardboard tubes (toilet paper size), markers/colored pencils or crayons, glue/glue stick.


        Connect to the Bible story: Our story from the bible today was about a major construction project that took place when Solomon was the King of Israel. He wanted to build a temple for God. Thousands of people worked together, using cedar logs and stone bricks. The temple was very detailed. Everything was built carefully and with precision. Everything inside the temple was covered, with gold. Once the Ark of the Covenant was moved into the temple, God’s glory filled the temple. The temple was built for the Israelites to offer sacrifices and worship God


        Card Tower 

        Supplies:  playing or index cards

        What you do: Using a set playing/index cards, build a tower, see how tall of a tower you can build before it falls.  Option: divide into 2 teams and set an amount of time to build the towers. Measure the towers to determine the tallest. 

        Connect to the Bible Story: Today we learned how Solomon pulled a team together to build the most amazing building they had ever seen. Solomon had been on the throne four years when he decided to build a temple for the Lord.


        We are God’s chosen people and part of His royal family! We look forward to memorizing 1 Peter 2:9-12 together. This week we are memorizing 1 Peter 2:9-11.  Download this memory verse card game to help your kids learn the verses.  Cut apart the cards and encourage your kids to practice saying the verse and putting the cards in order.  Take away the cards one at a time, and see if they can still say the verse with cards missing.


        Dear Father, Thank You for Your Word. We are comforted that You know everything about the past, present, and future. You are faithful and You keep Your promises. We know that the Temple did not contain You. You cannot be put in a box; You are so great! Thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus, to take away our sin and bring us to You. We love You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.




        Listen to the Grace Kids PreS/K Spotify playlist 


        Listen to the Grace Kids spotify playlist

        CONTINUE THE STORY // PARENTS LEAD THE WAY (to prepare your kids for next Sunday, 10/11)

        Continue reading the history of Solomon’s rule.

        Just 5 minutes a day — take the lead in teaching the stories of God to your child.

        Solomon’s Sin Divided the Kingdom 

        I Kings 9:1-9; Deut. 17:14-20; I Kings 10:14-29, 11:1-8; I Kings 11:9-13; I Kings 11:26-43, 12:1-20






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