• If your child likes to color and do activity sheets, print off the Bible story coloring pages and activity sheet.
      • Have your child find 1 Samuel 8. Remind them that we have been studying books in the Old Testament “History” division. Remind your child(ren) that the Book of 1 Samuel is the fourth book of Old Testament History. It tells about Israel’s history after the time of the judges. Explain that Samuel was the last judge of Israel.

During the gathering – worship & Learn Together




1. Why didn’t God want His people to have an earthly king? Point out that the people had rejected God and wanted to be like the nations around them, but God had chosen His people to be holy. His plan for them was better—to give them a heavenly king to lead them perfectly. (Option: read John 18:36-37.)

2. Why do you think people live for things other than Jesus? Prompt your child(ren) to discuss how people might live for power, comfort, recognition, or success. Help them consider that until a person knows Jesus, other things might seem better. We can point people to Jesus—our greatest treasure—for true life and joy. 

3.  How should believers be different than others around them? Remind your child(ren) that God calls His people to be holy like He is holy. The word holy means “set apart.” People living with Jesus as King belong to a kingdom that doesn’t make sense to the world. (Option: read Luke 6:27-30.)

Christ Connection: God intended for a heavenly king to rule over Israel, but the Israelites did not trust God’s plan and wanted a king like the nations around them. God gave them a king, but Saul did not obey God. God had a plan to send His Son, Jesus. King Jesus trusted and obeyed God perfectly and died so sinners could be forgiven and accepted.   Who is our King? Jesus is our King forever, and He rules over the world.


“If I were king … ” 

 What to do: Assign one person in your family to be the king (option: have a crown, object to represent a crown or picture of a crown to hold).  They should say, “If I were king, …” and then describe something he wants everyone to do. For example, “If I were king, I would make everyone hop on one foot.” The king should perform the action along with everyone else.  

Then the king gets to select another family member to be the next king (transfer the crown or object) and gives a new rule: “If I were king, I would make everyone spin in a circle.”   That player must say & do what the first person said and then, add to it.  Continue until everyone has had a turn, or people forget or get the actions in the incorrect order.

Connect to the lesson:   After the time of Joshua, God’s people were led by judges. The judges were military leaders who helped Israel overthrow their enemies. The nations around Israel were not ruled by judges; they were ruled by kings. After a while, the Israelites decided they wanted to be ruled by a king, too. In today’s Bible story today, we learned that the Israelites did not get what they really wanted.


Paint with Oil 

Supplies:  liquid watercolors or food color, vegetable oil, shallow baking dish, small cups, eyedroppers, spoon, heavyweight paper, newspapers

Mix 1⁄2 teaspoon of oil with 1 teaspoon of liquid watercolor in a small cup. Prepare a separate color in each cup. Use a spoon to thoroughly mix the paint. 

Fill the bottom of a baking dish with water. Use the eyedroppers to squeeze the paint into the dish. Point out the oil splotches in the water. 

Lay a piece of paper on the surface of the water and allow it to soak up the colors. 

Set the paper aside to dry on a layer of newspapers or outside on the grass.

Connect to the lesson:  As your kids create, remind them how oil was used in today’s Bible story. Samuel used oil to anoint Saul. Anoint means “to put oil on.” Samuel anointed Saul to show that God had chosen Saul for a special task—to be Israel’s first king.  Jesus is now our king and we choose to follow Him!

MEMORIZE TOgethER: PSALM 19:1-4a & 7-10

Psalm 19:1

Psalm 19:2

Psalm 19:3-4a

Psalm 19:7

Psalm 19:8

Psalm 19:1-4a, 7-8

Psalm 19:1-4a, 7-9


Father God, we confess that we are like the Israelites. Sometimes we look around at what others have and we want it too. We don’t always trust Your good plans. Like Saul, we are tempted to make excuses for why we sin. We think our plans are better than Yours. Lord, forgive us. Thank You for providing Jesus, the perfect King. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Listen to the Grace Kids spotify playlist


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