Young Adult Summit 

November 1 & 2, 2019 

Friday: 7:30-10:00P

Saturday 9:30A-9:30P

For our very first Young adult Summit we have invited McClean Bible Church Teaching Pastor, Mike Kelsey to come and share how we need “ Only Jesus” throughout our everyday. Whether we are on the mountain peak or we are walking through a seriously valley Scripture reminds us over and over again that all that we need is Jesus. We will eat great food (food trucks), deepen our relationships as one church, and grow together deeper in our relationship with Jesus.

Breakout Sessions: Saturday from 1:30-4:00

1) The Gospel and Sacred Rhythms

If you are human, you probably have a difficult time connecting with the Lord on a day in and day out basis? Could there be an easier way to remember the gospel the moment that we wake up and spend time meditating in the Word? During this breakout session we will walk through different ways and disciples to connect with the Lord on a consistent basis.

2) The Gospel and Marriage

That’s right we said it. The only way to have a healthy Biblical marriage is by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. During this session we will have a facilitator and three married couple with a combination of over 90 years of marriage, all from different season of their marriage to give practical gospel-centered wisdom and answer questions that we might have.

3) The Gospel and Work

Did you know that God created us to work? Did you know that in fact He created us to find purpose for what we do by connecting relationally with our colleagues? Believe it or not the people that we work with our image bearers all needing a savior like me and you. During this session we will walk through what it looks like to integrate the Gospel into our vocation.

4) The Gospel and Justice

The 20th century was the bloodiest and most horrific century that the world has ever seen. We still continue to see injustices all around us. Whether it is through racism, human trafficking, poverty, or lack of care for the refugee, God cares about each and every person and calls us to do the same. During this breakout session we will walk through what the scripture say about Gospel and Justice and give practical steps in how we can be listeners and DOERS of God’s Word.






Grace Community Church

8200 Old Columbia Road Fulton, MD 20759


Grace Community Church

8200 Old Columbia Rd
Fulton, MD 20759

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