I grew up in a home that was not very religious. My mother’s side of the family is Jewish, and my father’s is Catholic. My only exposure to anything religious was during Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Passover.

After high school I met and started dating my future fiancé Alexandra. She had grown up in a Christian family and had been attending Grace since she was in middle school. We ended up going to Grace occasionally and then more regularly after we both had graduated college. Her faith is a very important part of her life, and, as our relationship had grown, my own faith became an important part of my relationship.

After going to church for the past years, attending the Starting Point class at Grace, and being a part of her and her family’s life, I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I have learned so much, and my faith has grown over these past years. Getting baptized at Grace is the next step in this journey.

— Michael Biggins, Baptized April 2019

If you’re interested in being baptized at Grace, click here to learn more and to sign up to attend our next Baptism Workshop.

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