I grew up in a Christian family. We would always go to church on Sunday and do devotions during the week. But I didn’t do it myself. I questioned who I was, how I looked, what I wore. I wasn’t the best person. I lied and I was mean to people.

At my first fall retreat, David Webster preached about how we are made in God’s image. That really spoke to me. I had a hard time giving myself grace for the things that were wrong in my life. One of the worship songs said, “there may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.” That helped me to understand that God has a plan for me. At first there might be trouble, but God turns it to joy.

Jesus made me realize that I am a sinner, but God gives me grace. He took my sin and tells me I belong to him. I am being baptized because I know I can’t be a better person on my own. I have to have Jesus in my life.

— Maddy Roy, Baptized September 2018
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