Mar 26, 2020

Encouragement for Parents // March 26

Grace Families, 

We find ourselves in quite a unique situation. As a result of this virus, some families find themselves all under the same roof with lots of time on their hands, and some families are busier than ever with parents who work essential jobs that keep them out of the home all day. Whatever your situation, I wanted to encourage you in a few things that I have found helpful for our family (4 teens, 1 toddler and 2 adults working from home!): 

1. Preach the gospel…first to yourself, then to your family. Adults and kids are experiencing a new reality that no one had time to prepare for. You will most likely find yourself being more easily tempted at each other. You need the gospel! Be quick to ask forgiveness. Also, those around you are experiencing the same temptations, and they too need the gospel! Be quick to extend forgiveness.

2. Create a schedule. Kids really do thrive on routine. My kids were over this quarantine about 30 minutes into it. Days without leaving the house can be mentally challenging. As a family, create a schedule that works for all of you. Stay active, stay engaged.

3. Get outside as much as possible. Fresh air is good for everyone and it’s easy to keep physically distant from others while being outside.

4. Stillness takes work. Sometimes in order to do more, we need to do less. A certain loudness can overtake our souls if we let it. Be still before the Lord when possible. Be aware of the things that are adversely affecting your mind and soul, and be willing to cut them out of your life.

5. Utilize resources. Grace will be regularly connecting with you through various channels. Stay connected as much as possible.

We are regularly praying for you during this time.

Grace to you,


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