Before I made a decision to trust Christ, I was filled with guilt of not being “perfect enough” to go to heaven. I felt I needed to be a very well-behaved son and never do anything wrong. Well, I didn’t do too well at that. LOL.

I grew up in a Christ-loving home. My parents dedicated me to the Lord before and soon after I was born and taught me about God’s love from a very young age. All my life, my mother and father have helped me to understand about Jesus Christ. They have encouraged me to pray and ask him to lead me. Attending weekly church services and activities was a norm. However, I knew I needed a deeper more personal relationship with my Savior, so I prayed and accepted Jesus into my life as a boy, but I didn’t get baptized then. I can still remember when I first heard the song “Awesome God.” Something stirred within me as I realized the greatness and awesomeness of our Lord and Savior.

Attending church services and Grace Men meetings have been a great help in my walk with God. The leaders teach us about his grace and how to strengthen our understanding of God’s Word. Also, when I attended Grace Young Adults and a couple small groups, I learned more ways to strengthen my walk.

Recently, I finished reading the book “The Story,” which helped me link the Bible’s stories creating a greater love of the Bible. It showed me that God will never give up on those he loves. I’m glad he loves me.

Since making my decision to follow Christ, I have a stronger relationship with him. He helps me understand what direction I should go. When I’m not sure, I pray for his leading to know what’s right and wrong and he gently leads the way.

Lately, I have felt the leading to be baptized as an outward showing of my decision to follow the Lord, like Jesus did. I’ve prayed for him to forgive me of my sin and live in my heart forever. His love never fails.

— Josh Benya, Baptized April 2019

If you’re interested in being baptized at Grace, click here to learn more and to sign up to attend our next Baptism Workshop.

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