Hi. My name is Joan Mitchell.

I grew up in the DC area and in southern Virginia, south of Woodbridge. I have 13 brothers and sisters and our family lived on a farm and enjoyed small town, country living. We went to church often and it was part of our church culture to worship God with lots of singing and dancing. The music is still a wonderful memory of mine. Sadly, no one really ever taught me about the Bible, but I did learn that God existed and was worthy of praise.

I lived in Virginia until I moved to Maryland in 1982, but I had no church community for many years. Last fall, a friend from Grace gave me a gift for Thanksgiving and Christmas during Joyous Giving. It moved my heart so much to experience that kind of love and support while I was struggling. Then, I wanted to visit the church that was the source of this generous gift. I visited Grace and felt very loved and welcomed and enjoyed the worship and the teaching.

During this time, my dear friend Chip was struggling with cancer. It was a struggle to trust God in this, but I kept praying and believing. One day I shared my struggle with the prayer team at the Prayer Place and they prayed with me. I invited Jesus into my heart, to be my Lord and Savior and to trust God with Chip’s cancer. God spoke to me that day, to trust Him; since then, Chip has been doing well.

I want be baptized at Easter to proclaim my belief, my trust in God and my trust in Christ alone as my Lord and Savior.

— Joan Mitchell, Baptized April 2018
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