Before I decided to trust Christ, I felt a large part of my life was empty. I did not believe in God, and I had trouble navigating my life. I lacked a moral compass and struggled with understanding what my purpose was. I liked the Bible and believed it was a wonderful story, but I had never read it fully and understood it as God’s Word.

My grandmother introduced me to Christ by giving me her first King James Version Bible. I started reading the New Testament and was shocked at how much power Christ’s words contained. Everything he said was something that changed my perspective on life. I began slowly loving Christ, each day I kept reading the Bible.

When I was at the University of Maryland, I struggled to find my purpose. I reached out to my aunt and she connected me with Jon Shumway, who ministers for students at University of Maryland. Jon Shumway and Robbert Olson began meeting me in the student union, and we read the Gospel of Mark together. They planted a seed in me, and when I graduated college, I went to my bed and got down on my knees and accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior.

After following Christ, I feel like I am living a happy life. I feel saved by the Lord for his incredible sacrifice on the cross. Since following Christ, I have found that my calling is to be a teacher. I am now working in Baltimore City as an educator, and Christ guides me every day at my job. Before school, I sit at my desk and pray that my students are able to open their minds and ears—to love one another as Christ loved us. Christ has guided me towards this purpose to ensure my students have the doors of opportunity opened to them.

I am deciding to be baptized because it is an open expression of faith. I am proud to call myself a person who follows Christ—I want the world to know that I have absolute, total faith that Christ is my Savior.

— Iain Davis, Getting Baptized July 2018
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