Feb 7, 2020

Cats may get 9 lives, but we (humans) only get one

It’s the start of Missions Month. And also Black History Month. And also, it’s the second month of the year… congrats! We made it through the first month of the new decade.

Pastor Tae laid down some TRUTH this past Sunday: We have ONE life here on earth and we must make it count (also our theme for this month!). As Pastor Tae was talking about how we can’t take tomorrow for granted, the passing of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and the 7 others on the helicopter flashed through my mind.

His death was an absolute shock, completely unexpected, and I’m sure the last thing on anyone’s mind. And then there’s the fact that it almost seemed like he was invincible. He clearly had more access, privilege, money, fame – you name it – than most will ever see in this world. But that did not exclude him from the reality that he had that one life to live.

What a reminder that we aren’t meant to take a day for granted. We can’t all be superstar athletes, nor should we want to be, nor is that important to living a meaningful life. To make our lives truly count, we must be centered on Jesus. It’s not about chasing after the world’s version of success, or even your own version of success. It’s about following Jesus and living the life that God has laid out for you.

“Follow Me,” Jesus said. A few takeaways from Pastor Tae’s message that stuck out to me:

  • We are to live as sojourners, traveling though this time on earth for a short while because our citizenship is in heaven.
  • We must not prolong the proclamation of the gospel. Not even our duties to our parents should have a greater priority over following Jesus in proclaiming the gospel. (If you missed the message, I encourage you to watch it and hear Pastor Tae’s powerful, personal testimony.)
  • Jesus desires an all-consuming priority to make Him known to all peoples and nations.  
  • God’s glory is the only thing in this universe that will neither be weakened nor be exhausted by any power or force of this world. His glory will never be disappointing or in any way inadequate for us. 
  • Stop looking back. We will second-guess the value of following Jesus if we keep looking back to see if we made the right decision to follow Him.
  • Following Jesus with a divided heart is draining, frustrating, depressing, and dissatisfying.

The Lord we follow is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and His understanding is one that no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords, the One who holds the universe by the power of His word, born of a virgin as the Holy One of God, victorious over sin and death. This Jesus says, “Follow Me,” and “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” 

How is God speaking to you about your one life? Are you following Jesus with your whole heart or are you looking back? What do you have your eyes set on? What treasures lie in your heart?

[Watch the full message on our app or online: One Life]

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