May 11, 2020

GRACE STUDENTS || This Week’s Theme: John 2 – The First Sign

JOHN 2: The First Sign

We are in week 2 of our study of the Book of John! This week we will look at Christ’s first miracle and the beginning of his ministry–the turning of water into wine. Join Nathanael as we discuss how this passage shows us in what ways Christ is truly the Son of God. CLICK HERE to read John 2.

This Week’s Message


Because our series will be about the life of Christ, we strongly recommend that you take some time and watch The Chosen. It is a wonderful representation of the early days of Christ’s ministry and will be a great encouragement to you! You can watch directly from the app or project it to your television screen through your streaming device. 


SAT | 5/23 | 2P

Our Virtual Workshop this past weekend was a great success as we discussed the Trinity! We continue our workshop series with the topic of How to Tell Your Story. We will talk about where we fit in God’s story and learn how to tell our stories and form our testimonies!

PASSWORD: grace 

This is our last week to do What’s Up Wednesday over Zoom! We are moving to What’s Up Wednesday drive-by visits! If you would like a visit, please let us know by filling out this sign up form!


We are adopting the FIRN organization as a youth ministry! It’s up to YOU to help us re-stock their empty food collection! This organization has relationships with hundreds of immigrants and refugees—WHICH MEANS this is an incredible opportunity for you to extend the love of God to people you’ve never met and have a lasting impact. Click the link below to see a complete list of items needed.

Donations can be dropped off at Grace in the RED bin marked “FIRN Donations” on Tuesdays and Fridays between 9AM-1PM.


What’s a D-Team? A D-Team is a small group of students in your area. D-Teams meet via Zoom or a similar service on different days of the week. If you are NOT part of a D-Team and would really like to connect with other Christians your age, please know that we would LOVE to connect you! For those who were on the Virtual Spring Retreat, these are a lot like Cabin Time.

Here are three fun activities to keep things interesting! They’re not meant to be overly-spiritual, just fun ideas we came up with to focus some of that energy around the house! 

  • LEARN TO WHITTLE. While we cannot encourage knife safety enough…whittling can be a great and productive way to pass the time! There is something satisfying about working with your hands. [LINK]
  • CREATE PAPER COLLAGE ART. Got some random magazines lying around? What about scissors? Glue? You’ve got the makings of some phenomenal art. Try your hand at collage art. Check out one of Christen’s favorite artists: [LINK]
  • MAKE A WATER BALLOON LAUNCHER. Combine social distancing and the fact that summer is approaching and what do you get? Water balloon launcher! What better way to bond with the neighbors? [LINK]


On a weekly basis, we provide a family Bible study for you to use in your home! We create these to coordinate with the Sunday message and passage! We hope this resource is a useful tool for you as you come together as a family of faith in your homes! For some real fun, go virtual and team up with another family.

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