Greetings Parents, Leaders, and Students! We want you to know that we so long to be with each student right now! It is our hope that these communications and our daily messages of encouragement and fun are meaningful to you. Please know that we are praying for you and are here for you. If you have any specific needs we can address, please reply to this email! May the joy of the Lord fill you in this time. <3


Getting Along with Family and Loving Them Well

Our theme this week is “Family Matters.” Well…it’s been a couple weeks now of being home with family. How are you holding up? This is the time when our true character is tested, isn’t it? Who you are at home is who you really are. Ever thought of that? It’s easy to be kind to friends, it’s a lot harder to be kind to family. But, the command to love others includes family—it probably even *starts* with family. Think about what the Lord may be teaching you about loving your neighbor…in the room next to you. We know it can be challenging, but we’re here for you 🙂



We have been looking for the best way to connect with students in the midst of this season BEYOND social media! And we are finally able to introduce texting! Students are automatically subscribed if we have their cell in our database, but if PARENTS want to receive texts, click the link to subscribe. We are also missing many students’ cell numbers, so click the link below to make extra-sure we’ve got it! 

Our first text will be tomorrow and will contain the ZOOM link (see below)! If your student does not receive a text tomorrow, it means they are not subscribed.


We have also, in the past couple weeks, been looking at the best way to connect with ALL of our students at the same time! We did Instagram live last week, but we didn’t like that it gave us such a limited audience. We believe that with ZOOM, any student can be involved whether or not they have social media! We look forward to our time together on Wednesday! Click the button for the Zoom meeting link!!


This is one of our most exciting announcements! For years, our students have treasured and utilized a prayer box that we keep at the front of the Warehouse auditorium. And now, it’s DIGITAL! We have created a prayer box wall where students can post prayer requests either publicly or anonymously. They can also click to say they’ve “prayed for” something! Click the link to post, read, and pray (or praise)!

Here are three fun activities to keep things interesting! They’re not meant to be overly-spiritual, just fun ideas we came up with to focus some of that energy around the house!

  • STAGE A PHOTOSHOOT of your stuffed animals, action figures, or siblings. [LINK ….don’t try the fireworks at home…]
  • HAVE A PAPER AIRPLANE CONTEST with your family! [LINK] 

  • WRITE A LETTER to a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or cousin. [LINK to a fun card template]


On a weekly basis, we provide a family Bible study for you to use in your home! We create these to coordinate with the Sunday message and passage! We hope this resource is a useful tool for you as you come together as a family of faith in your homes! For some real fun, go virtual and team up with another family!


This book series is one of the classics of youth literature. If you are looking for a rich story to stimulate the imagination while giving yourself a sense that there is more to life and something bigger out there, this is the series for you. Written by Madeleine L’Engle (friends with CS Lewis & Tolkien).

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