April 13, 2020

GRACE STUDENTS || This Week’s Theme: CONNECTING in the midst of isolation


In the Midst of Isolation & Loneliness

This week, we are seeing what the Bible says about being isolated and lonely. We will be looking at the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 19. He was one who followed and loved the Lord, yet he still went through some rough times. We will examine the text to see how God encouraged him through his depression and loneliness, and what this means for us now today.

This Week’s Encouraging Message


YES! You heard us correctly! While we realize we cannot gather physically, we can still gather virtually! On Friday from 7-10pm and Saturday from 10am-4pm, we will have our first ever (and hopefully last!) Grace Students Virtual Spring Retreat! We will provide everyone who signs up with a secret link and access code which will walk them through the schedule with a combination of videos and Zoom breakouts. Our original retreat speaker, Tyler Moffett, has graciously offered to still bring us his retreat messages and our worship team is already preparing the worship set-list! Our workshop leaders are preparing their content and our D-Team leaders are ready to lead “cabin time”! We cannot wait!

PASSWORD: grace 

We will continue to gather every Wednesday at 3pm! We look forward to seeing every student there! This link will be available every Wednesday at 3–and the password is “grace” for the time being! (Subject to change)

NOTE: We have moved to RingCentral for our meeting hosting because Grace has an encrypted subscription! #safety

It may involve a quick download, but the user interface is identical to Zoom, so students won’t be able to tell a difference. It’s just much safer! 


This is one of our most exciting announcements! For years, our students have treasured and utilized a prayer box that we keep at the front of the Warehouse auditorium. And now, it’s DIGITAL! We have created a prayer box wall where students can post prayer requests either publicly or anonymously. They can also click to say they’ve “prayed for” something! Click the link to post, read, and pray (or praise)!

Here are three fun activities to keep things interesting! They’re not meant to be overly-spiritual, just fun ideas we came up with to focus some of that energy around the house! 

  • LEARN CARD TRICKS you can do in person or over video. [LINK]
  • MEMORIZE VERSES that will remind you of God’s nearness and love for you in the midst of lonely times. [LINK]
  • MAKE DINNER for your family! [LINK]


On a weekly basis, we provide a family Bible study for you to use in your home! We create these to coordinate with the Sunday message and passage! We hope this resource is a useful tool for you as you come together as a family of faith in your homes! For some real fun, go virtual and team up with another family.


REALLY cool app. This app allows you to follow along with Christ during Holy Week real time! So, today is Tuesday–that means you can see where Christ likely would have been at this very moment. Check it out today!

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