Welcome Station

Howdy partner! Our prayer for the next hour is that y’all will have fun together as you “consider what great things the LORD has done” (I Samuel 12:24). Whether it’s singing praises, hearing from our field workers, to launching “rocks” at Goliath and praying together, may you be reminded that God is with you and is fighting your battles! Enjoy the roundup! 


Have fun searching for posters with letters of the alphabet through out the Drive-Thru. See who can find the most letters in your family.

When you find a letter add it to the unscramble game part of your app (hint: there is a number in the corner to let you know where it goes). After finding all or enough letters, you can guess the phrase that relates to the bible story taught today!

Few tips for the best GK Drive-Thru experience: 

  • You’ll be at each station for about 8 minutes, with 1-2 minutes for transition. You’ll be signaled to mosey along to the next station. 
  • As you drive over to the next station, have your kids watch the intro video. You can find it by clicking into the next station on the app. 
  • Stay in the order of your assigned car number (1 , 2, 3, 4) and park where directed according to the appropriate sign.
  • For out of car activities, go to the colored dot for you car (1 – orange // 2 – blue // 3 – purple // 4 – red). 

  • Please maintain social distancing when outside of your car (wear a mask outside or in your car, at your discretion).
  • Our GK Drive-Thru crew will be sanitizing anything that has been touched by others between stations.
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