Your Grace Kids resources for the week of May 18

Continue to memorize and talk about Psalm 23. Work on adding the last part of verse 4: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me. Your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

Check out the videos below to help you memorize Psalm 23 with sign language! 


Read Joshua 1 & 2.  Questions to discuss:

– What was the command that the Lord repeated to Joshua?  (Be strong & courageous.)

– Why do you think the Lord repeated that?  (Joshua faced a big task that would be impossible without God’s help.)

– What is different about this generation of Israelities?  (They obey and trust God, while their parents were filled with fear and rebelled.)

– Why weren’t the spies afraid to go into an enemy city?  (The spies knew that God would protect them.”) 

Psalm 23:1

Psalm 23:2

Psalm 23:3

Psalm 23:4

In snowy Kazakstan, the Richardson’s discover the world’s best apple, and how to graciously eat a sheep’s eyeball, along with falling in love with the country and the people’s hospitality.

Read Joshua 3 & 4.  Discuss these questions:

How did opening up the Jordan River help Israel to trust God?  (When they saw the power of God open up the river, they knew God would be with them and would help them conquer their enemies.)

How can the miracles God did for Israel help make our faith strong?  (We worship the same God, so when we pray we know God can do great things.)


Supplies Needed:  smooth river rocks (1 per person), paint, permanent markers, adhesive jewels or other decorative items to add

God instructed 12 men to carry large rocks out of the riverbed and build a memorial. The purpose of the memorial was to remind them and future generations about the miracle God performed so they could enter the promised land.  When we get discouraged, it’s easy to forget what God has done for us. By looking at those rocks, God gave His people an easy way to remember! 

Today we’re going to make our own memory rocks to remind us what God has done in our own lives. Have everyone in the family share a time in their life when God provided for them or to share something they are thankful to God for. 

Paint the rocks.  When the paint is dry, each person should write a word or phrase, or draw a symbol to remind them of the time they each described.  Decorate with jewels or other items.

The Richardson’s fly to a country with thousands of islands! Find out who invites them to an impromptu meal at the top of a waterfall…

Family traditions provide stability for kids — which is especially important during this time.  Make Friday nights something to look forward to by listening to a story or watching a good video.   Focus on the Family is making their Radio Theater library available for free HERE.

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