Your Grace Kids resources for the week of May 11

Continue to memorize and talk about Psalm 23. Work on adding the first part of verse 4: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me…”

Begin reviewing what God has done through the life of Moses by downloading the map.  Two options are available:  Your child can color in the map, or they can cut-out and glue the appropriate pieces.  Complete the first 3 today (we’ll finish on Wednesday). 

Here’s the 7th episode — the Richardson’s head from an African safari to the snow!  Can you name all three countries where they’ve been?  Can you find them on a map?

Continue reviewing what God has done through the life of Moses by finishing your maps.  

You won’t want to miss Episode 8 and learn the story of how one young man met Jesus in a dream!

How is your child’s imagination being formed during quarantine?  The stories they see and watch are shaping their view of God, family, the church and more.  Choose wisely the great stories that will form in them a rich, godly imagination.

To make finding these great stories, Focus on the Family is making their Radio Theater library available for free HERE. Try something different and choose a story to LISTEN to.  After listening, ask your kids what was their favorite part of the story.  LISTEN to what your kids say!  (Movies are also available at this site too.) 

To learn more about forming your child’s imagination, click HERE.

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