Your Grace Kids resources for the week of August 10

Read 1 Samuel 16

Watch Bible story video: Samuel Anoints David

Discuss: God chose someone whom no one expected to be king.

  • What people were present? (Samuel, Jesse, Jesse’s eight sons, Saul, Saul’s servants; 1 Sam. 16:4-5,12,14)
  • Why did Samuel pour oil over David? (Samuel anointed David to show that God had chosen him to be king, 1 Sam. 16:12-13)
  • Which brother would you have expected to be king?
  • What surprised you about this story?

Practice Psalm 19:1-4a, 7-12


Focus on the “Study It” section and “Discuss It” sections in the Lesson.  Read the account of Philip, God’s messenger to the Ethiopian in Acts 8:26–40

How do the actions and attitudes of our family impact the way the gospel message is received?

 Before your family worship:

Choose a prize/gift that your child(ren) will enjoy (i.e. gift card to Coldstone, candy, etc.)  Place the prize/gift in a box.  Place trash in 2 other boxes.  Then, wrap all 3 boxes — wrap the 2 “trash” boxes very nicely, with colorful paper and a big bow. Leave the box with prize unwrapped, or wrapped poorly.  

Read 1 Samuel 16 

Begin by inviting your child(ren) to choose one of the boxes.  Let them know that you have something special for them.  Depending on their choice, discuss how it’s easy for us to look at the outside of something and reach a conclusion about whether or not something is valuable.  God told Samuel to anoint David as the new king.  God reminded Samuel that He looks at people’s hearts and not their outward appearance. Even though David didn’t look like a king, God wanted a king who would love Him and obey Him.



Read Acts 8:26–40

Discuss how your family can “Experience It”.  Eat a meal from another culture that would stretch your family’s taste buds. Your goal is to eat it all with smiles and thankfulness.

Finish up with the “Map It” section.

Have fun as a family making ‘The Lord looks at the Heart spy glasses’ and then going on a Heart Shaper Nature Scavenger Hunt.

Pray together and thank God for seeing each of your hearts and to give you a true heart for Him.

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