Your Grace Kids resources for the week of April 27

Say Psalm 23:1-2 together as part of your meal-time prayers. 

Read through Number 21:4-9 and review Sunday’s Bible story and talk about our choice to be thankful or to complain. Begin a list of all the things for which we can thank God. Place the list in a prominent place and add to it throughout the week.

Get inspiration in memorizing God’s word from this little boy who shares Psalm 23: 

EPISODE 3: Gain insight into how women live in the Muslim world, Jordanian thoughts on social media, and what they think about Jesus. Check out how many friends the Richardson’s made too!

Read Numbers 21:10-20.  After the situation with the bronze snake, the people continue to wander in the wilderness.  When they needed water to drink, God provided a well for them. This time, there is no record of them complaining

Kids, ask your parents which they like better:  when you ask them for what you need, or when you complain that you don’t have what you want. Make a list of the things you want to ask God to provide. Lift those requests up to God. 

Episode 4:  Jim, Laura, Bari and Thomas travel to a completely new continent and a new country for an experience with people they never would have thought were Muslim.

What is Family Fun Night?  Watch this short video and find out

Download the Family Fun Activity sheet, gather supplies and be ready for fun and a spiritual discussion with your kids. Yes, it’s possible to do both!

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