Prayer Station

Please linger as your family talks with our Trail Master (our Heavenly Father) in prayer.  There are plenty of parking spaces, so if your time goes longer when the “move along” siren sounds, please continue your prayer time

Pull out the card with the campfire (tea light). Use this P.R.A.Y. as your guide.


Read Psalm 46:10.

Encourage everyone to take 3 deep, quiet breaths — close their eyes — sit still and know that God is listening to them.


Read I Chronicles 16:34.

Encourage each family member to thank God for one thing or to praise Him for who He is.


Read John 14:14 and remind your children about the Bible story where we learned that “the battle is the Lord’s.”

Encourage each family member to ask God for whatever they need Him to do.


Read Romans 12:1.

Encourage each family member to tell God where they are willing to follow Him.

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