I grew up Catholic went to church every Sunday, was baptized as a baby, made my Holy Communion and Confirmation. I have constantly prayed and remained true to my faith, but always craved to feel more connected to Christ.

I met Marie Maryon at work and I truly believe she was brought into my life to help bring me closer to the Lord. We prayed together one day, and I felt this warm sensation come over my body, it was something I have never felt before. I knew at that very moment how much Jesus loved me and how much I needed Him in my life.

I surrendered my life to the Lord two years ago and knew that the Holy Spirit was drawing me to Christ at that time and still is. I want to make my profession of faith physical by making the decision of being baptized as an adult.

— Cilicia Cesenaro, Baptized November 2019

If you’re interested in getting baptized at Grace, click here to learn more and sign up to attend the next Baptism Workshop.

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