Hi, my name is Cesar Arias-Cruz, I am from Colombia (South America). I grew up in Medellin but seven years ago I came to live in the United States. I enjoy my life growing in my spiritual life, spending time with my wife and family, and working as a teacher.

I grew up in a Christian family with different perspectives, as my parents were in different denominations. Both taught me how to love God with all my heart, follow His commandments. However, because of my family background and the fact that I studied in a Christian school, I was confused between some different understandings of Christian faith. So, I wanted to find out the right way to serve God and be a Jesus follower.

My confusion continued for many years. For this reason, I decided to leave the church and follow Jesus on my own, reading the Bible and praying by myself.

After I left the church I started to look for things that I knew were not beneficial for my life. For example, looking for material things instead of looking for Jesus. So, the turning point happened seven years ago, once I came to live to the United States, and questions about the purpose of my life arose, such as Why I must live here? Why did I have to leave my comfort zone? What was the purpose of my life?

I knew where I could find the answers to my personal questions because my parents taught me to seek God whenever I had difficulties. For this reason, I decided to rebuild my relationship with God; I started to read the Bible again and prayed. It allowed me not only to answer all the questions that I had when I came to live here, but also clarified for me God’s purpose for my life and the way in which I must serve Him.

During this process, I realized that I was a sinner and I needed to rebuild my relationship with God. I recognized that Jesus died for me to forgive my sins and provide a new life.

The Lord has brought hope, strength, many blessings, and a new life. To live in the United States has not been easy because this is a multicultural country where the people have different lifestyles, languages, philosophies, and beliefs. So, to come and live in a country with a very different culture has been very challenging, but this has helped me to appreciate the diversity
especially in the body of Christ. Today I can worship with people from different culture and nation.

The Lord brought me to the United States and He has provided everything for me and my family: food, home, work, health, spiritual growth and love. He has given me hope when I feel that I
cannot live in this country, and also strength to overcome difficulties at my work and abundant material blessings.

I want to be baptized because I am a sinner and I believe not only that Jesus died on the cross to forgive my sins but I also believe in His resurrection. Christ is the only one who can provide an eternal life for me. Also, baptism is my public testimony that I have a new life in Christ. In this way, I am proclaiming that He is the center of my life.

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