I was baptized as an infant, and I was exposed to the Lord as a child, but wasn’t taken to Sunday School often. Religion was not reinforced at home, and there was abuse. I knew the Lord, but it was a struggle just to survive. It wasn’t until much later when my situation changed, that I began to realize what was missing.

It wasn’t until that time that I developed a much deeper understanding of Jesus’ sacrifice for us than I had previously. Through some trials in my life, my eyes have opened to the gift of redemption, and I’m now ready to profess my commitment to the Lord.

I have been helped on my spiritual journey by a wonderful group of friends, and in particular Grace Hayes and Charla Lauther. Each of them help strengthen my belief and commitment to the Lord.

Because of my newfound wisdom, I have made some significant changes in my life and have found a purpose. I am letting the Lord use me as his servant and guide me in a purposeful life.

I am being baptized as a symbol of becoming a new person and to proclaim my belief in and my commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.

— Carol Adolphsen, Baptized April 2019

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