I grew up in a family that attended church when we were able to attend. My mother always had a peaceful way about her and always

credited God for providing. When my father died, someone described him as “the most Christian person they know.” They were

referring to his constant helping of other people.

I have always tried to live my life with a good moral compass and a strong sense of right and wrong. A few years ago, I realized that this wasn’t enough and I needed help finding value in myself when I found myself a broken man.

One day early in my journey toward faith, my wife Brooke and my co-worker Shubie both excitedly told me about a song I needed to hear. Shubie brought me the CD and my wife told me she would play it for me when we were home together. It was the same song, Casting Crown’s “One Step Away.” I realized that I had been one step away from believing for many years. There were so many circumstances leading me to faith all at once.

My wife Brooke introduced me to Jesus when she helped center our marriage in our faith. When we began attending church at Grace, our marriage began to change for the better. We went away to Family Life’s “A Weekend to Remember” and learned so much that has helped us center our marriage in our faith in Jesus. Since then, our marriage has completely transformed, and Jesus is at work and on display.

In the season that followed, I came to know and trust Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I see and feel his love, beauty and grace all around me. I describe the transformation this way: God put signs around me my whole life but I just didn’t see them, similar to how you might not remember seeing the road signs during a familiar ride home. Now, I don’t miss a single sign, I see God at work, and feel God’s love all around me.

Jesus has made me a better husband, father, step-father, worker, co-worker, boss and person. Jesus opens my eyes to those that need help and He enables me to help them. I am able to see situations differently and am able to introduce Jesus into other people’s lives.

I recently attended a Police funeral for Alex Sable, a York County SWAT officer that died in a training accident that I was involved in. That funeral was an unabashed celebration of Alex’s faith in Jesus Christ. There were so many different ways that Alex made a positive impact on other people, the common theme was his faith. That celebration of life provided a road map of sorts of how I can have similar impacts on those around me through my faith.

I have an unabashed love for Jesus Christ. I want to celebrate what He has done in me and I want to proclaim my love and faith in Him.

— Brian “Brandy” Edwards, Baptized September 2018
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