I grew up in a loving Christian home, attending Grace since kindergarten. Before, God was just a figure in my life and I felt that I didn’t have a strong connection with him.    

I will always remember when I was in 2nd grade at kidZone when I  accepted Christ as my forever friend. I  think at that moment, it was the start of me actually beginning to trust Christ and form and everlasting relationship with him.  

Brent and Ryan’s messages throughout middle school and high school continually spoke to me throughout the years, and I learned how God is working through my life and the power of his everlasting grace.

I am also extremely grateful for my parents’ confidence and support towards me throughout my life and for them allowing me to grow up in a happy Christian environment.  

This new trust in God’s Word has allowed me to see the world in a different way, and his faithfulness has given me the opportunity to find new friends and express my grace to others.  

I know now that God’s love for me only grows stronger. I am getting baptized to publicly proclaim my faith in God and show that Jesus Christ is my one true Savior.  

— Brianna Chun, Baptized March 2018
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