August 2020


Prior to our field workers in East Asia returning home, we made arrangements to support a national leader who would continue the work of advancing the gospel in East Asia. We are hopeful that we could send a small team to visit in the future to encourage our new co-laborers in the Lord. J*W* (name is not shared due to security reasons) recently sent us an update on the challenges the churches are facing. Please read the update and continue to pray for J*W* to stay faithful to God’s calling on his life…

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our Executive Pastor, Hugh Ansley, his wife, Elizabeth, and their two sons Michael and Benjamin have been bringing food on a regular basis to our neighbors at Laurel Woods Elementary School. Their Friday food pantry has served as a catalyst for increased faith, new friendships, met needs, and teaching moments. Keep on reading to hear what God has taught the Ansleys these past five months…

The Park Heights community is overrun by drugs and gun violence, and many of the parents shared that kids can easily be drawn into gang activities that will destroy their lives. However, Jacob, who is not wearing a shirt in the picture, has a 3.7 GPA and is studying diligently to get a scholarship to college. Jacob did all his school work during the COVID-19 on his phone and needed a laptop for school. Grace Community Church was able to provide a laptop and tablets for his younger brothers. Their mother was so thankful and expressed her gratitude in a letter she wrote to Grace. Please read the letter and continue to pray for Jacob, Jaden, and Jeremiah to stay on course in school and persevere through hardship by God’s strength….

Good Neighbor Initiative

Invitation to Incarnational Ministry

The COVID-19 pandemic has both illuminated and increased the needs of many families in our community. For our vulnerable neighbors, sickness, unemployment, or a mixture of both has left them with immense financial need, food insecurity being a particularly troubling burden. As the Church, we are called to mirror the Good Samaritan, who was mirroring Jesus, in his “neighborliness” to the man beaten and left on the side of the road. Instead of leaving the vulnerable behind, Christ compels us to meet them where they are and treat them as beloved friends.

Documentary Recommendation

God is powerfully at work in Iran, and many Muslims are placing their faith in the Jewish Messiah who is called Jesus. In the midst of unspeakable persecutions and hardship, our Iranian brothers and sisters are boldly and courageously sharing the gospel for the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Although there are no Western missionaries in Iran, yet there is a discipleship movement that is bringing massive numbers of Muslims to faith in Christ. As Jesus stated, His church that was purchased by His blood will never be overtaken by gates of Hades: And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it (Matthew 16:18).

Please watch this film and pray for our persecuted church-family in Iran.  Sheep Among Wolves Volume II (Official Feature Film)

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