October is here, which means Baptism Weekend is coming in just four short weeks! We’re getting excited to celebrate with each person who is taking the step to publicly proclaim their faith in Jesus through baptism, and it is our pleasure to share their stories with you.

Check out this story from high school student Addy Herbst:

I was born in Glenwood, Maryland, with a hemangioma on my neck, which is like a tumor. Because of it, my parents and I spent a lot of my childhood traveling to and from New York, which is where I would get surgeries. Since I was already a shy kid, and the only people I had around me were my family, I grew up to be a really quiet person.

At our home church, I felt like a fly on the wall, just isolated and sometimes singled out. When I was about nine years old, my family switched to Grace Community Church. Here I found my first community of friends, of people who cared about me.

I ended up switching schools later down the road as well, which placed me in a school environment that taught me about God not just in the context of church.

For a long time, I didn’t know why I was supposed to believe in God, I didn’t know why I never heard from him, my faith felt lukewarm and far away. But then there was one day a few months ago, where I went for a walk. I was feeling so stuck, and frustrated, lost and confused. My iPhone only allows a certain number of skips from song to song, and I’d landed on a song called “Here Now.” Lines like “… Because I know that You are here now, Still my heart, Let your voice be all I hear now, I know you are with me…,” resonated with me. They calmed my worries about not feeling God’s presence, and I felt reminded that I could lean on that promise. I now try to remember it daily.

This led me to wanting to get baptized because my faith is mine now, it’s my walk and my relationship with God, and that’s something I can hold onto as I trust Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

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