Grace is my home for about 20 years. This building and the people in it have seen my worst, best and everything in between. This is the place where I first started to fall in love with Jesus, where I first learned/experienced the truth and reality of the gospel, and it has been a safe haven in times of both chaos and peace. About two and a half years ago, God blessed me with the realization of two things that have changed the way I walk in faith.

One, I realized that honesty precedes healing. I had buried my struggles and brokenness so deeply that I had genuinely convinced myself I was fine. Once I started being honest with my family, friends, and myself, the Lord provided faithful and abundant healing.

Two, I realized the people around me were just as broken as me. I was in the habit of letting other people’s choices dictate my emotional well-being. But, Jesus is the only one who can truly fulfill those deep-soul desires for belongingness, validation, and unconditional love. It was a slow process, but each week, each day, and each hour I began choosing to find my affirmation in Christ rather than the ever-changing opinions of others.

So now, I’m learning about extending grace and pursuing reconciliation. My selfish heart shouts a thousand reasons why the people around me don’t deserve it – but Holy Spirit whispers a sobering reminder that neither did I.

— Audrey Simmons, Baptized June 2019

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